Empowerment through humane education.

The Compassionate Living Project (CLP) is a non-profit humane education organization whose mission is to advocate ethical consumerism. We accomplish this by cultivating critical thinking about consumer choices and empowering individuals with practical suggestions to practice sustainable and compassionate living. CLP celebrates the health, environmental, spiritual, and economic benefits of veganism.


How We Accomplish Our Mission

  • Educational outreach to organizations, schools, and community groups.

Why Humane Education?

A stone drops into a pond, and the ripples created expand in all directions. The ripples remain long after the stone disappears.


Every action a person makes is like a stone dropped in a pond. Humane education is about discovering and understanding the results of our actions and making choices that ensure those actions reflect our ethics.


Every day presents opportunities to practice compassionate living in virtually all areas of our lives. This may include purchasing products that are fair trade and environmentally responsible, and ensuring that products and services that we support, as well as our direct actions, are kind to animals. Humane education gives us the tools for positive change by developing the critical thinking skills necessary to accurately evaluate issues and make choices consistent with our values.

Humane education liberates the power to put ethics into action.

Humane education:

  • Instills a curiosity for accurate information.

Only when accurate information and comprehensive viewpoints are considered can truly informed choices be made. Humane education teaches the discipline of asking the right questions to better understand stakeholders’ perspectives.


  • Develops critical thinking skills.

The goal of humane education is not to tell others what they should do or how they should think, but rather teaches critical thinking about the issues that affect our lives so that choices be made that thoroughly reflect one’s personal beliefs.


  • Empowers students and inspires creative thinking.

Humane education helps students understand that they have a far greater impact on the world around them then they may realize. This knowledge reawakens a sense of respect and responsibility towards themselves and others, builds confidence by liberating the power of putting ethics into action, and inspires creative thinking, laying the foundation for innovative solutions.